The Lyft Formula: 5 Steps to Getting Noticed in a Dominated Market

Whether you’re building a business, launching a new product, or starting a blog, you’ve likely faced one major crippling fear:

Why would anyone choose me over [Insert Awesome Competition Here]?

I thought the same thing when I started a copywriting blog last year — Why would anyone read me over an awesome, established site like Copyblogger?

It’s a crippling thought, and one that stops many would-be entrepreneurs in their tracks.

How do you break into a market when someone else is already dominating it with an outstanding product?

To answer that question, let’s take a look at one of the most current David vs. Goliath battles in business: Uber vs. Lyft — the only two players that come to mind when you bring up the ride-sharing industry to anyone.

To quote the New York Times, “A year ago, Lyft was seen as one of many Uber-wannabes. Now, thanks to wild expansion and a brilliant marketing campaign, Lyft is seen as a substitute service.”

How has Lyft gained traction in a market dominated by Uber?

How has Lyft gained traction in a market dominated by Uber?

The question is…how? How has Lyft entered a space dominated by a company that’s raised around $1.5 billion in investments, and scared that company to the point where they’re hiring contractors who attempt to convert Lyft drivers into Uber drivers during rides?

Sure, you can attribute it to “wild expansion and a brilliant marketing campaign,” but what were the specific actions that went into that campaign and expansion?

After closely studying Lyft and Uber’s marketing materials, and reading just about every article about the two services, I zeroed in on five specific things Lyft has done that have allowed them to gain traction against huge odds. Read More

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